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Boldly Going Where No One Has Before: Intelsat’s Journey with the First Mission Extension Vehicle

October 11, 2019 Global Network Government ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos Blog - Satcom Frontier

Today’s successful launch of the first Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) represents a very exciting time for space and satellite communications. With tremendous innovation occurring on many levels of our ecosystem, Intelsat is pushing the boundaries of what many thought to be impossible. Because of recent advancements in technology, the impossib ... Read More

Greater Industry Cooperation Needed to Avoid Space Collisions

March 07, 2017 Government Blog - Satcom Frontier

Every time a new satellite is launched, a satellite is relocated to a new orbital position or an older one reaches its end of life, the space environment can become a bit more perilous. The global satellite industry over the past decade has become increasingly aware of the collision hazards posed by space debris, inoperable ... Read More