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Securing Content in a Multi-Platform World: Six Questions Every Media Broadcaster and Programmer Need to Ask

September 10, 2018 Corporate Information Global Network Media

In the media world, the quality, reliability and unique nature of a broadcaster’s or programmer’s content is king.  While piracy has been an issue for years, as more consumers cut their cable cord and content moves across multiple platforms, media companies can expect to face increasing cyber threats in their future.  As we have seen ... Read More

How Satellite Networks Can Protect Connected Cars from Getting Hacked

November 07, 2017 Corporate Information Land Mobility

By Vinit Duggal, Chief Information Security Officer, Intelsat Hardly a week goes by without the announcement of another large database of consumer information being hacked by unknown cyber criminals. The breach of credit card or identity data is serious, but the potential harm is mostly financial. However, as auto manufacturers begin to use techno ... Read More

Cost of Cybersecurity Has to Be in the Budget

March 08, 2017 Corporate Information

In the 15 years that I have been at Intelsat, we have been able to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture across our networks. We created and evolved a program that has allowed Intelsat to integrate and embed security into the DNA of our culture.  Ensuring availability and integrity of our services is a foundational expectation ... Read More