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Digital Television is Transforming the Viewing Experience for African Households

September 14, 2018 Global Network Media

African television broadcasters are racing against the clock. By June 17th, 2020, broadcasters in multiple African countries are expected to migrate their terrestrial television signals from analogue to digital. The digital terrestrial television (“DTT”) transition is a big opportunity for broadcasters to offer more differentiated content to A ... Read More

Intelsat Satellite Solutions are Front and Center at Recent Global Events

September 06, 2018 Global Network Media

It’s been an exciting few months for watching live coverage of significant global events. People around the world have enjoyed viewing the Tour de France, 2018 World Cup in Moscow, the historic Singapore Summit and the Royal Wedding in Windsor. The breadth and depth of Intelsat’s satellite solutions were front and center, ensuring that million ... Read More

Intelsat’s Galaxy Postcards Offer Free, Multicultural Programming in 30 Different Languages

July 09, 2018 Global Network Media

Have you ever relocated or traveled to a foreign country and craved a reminder of life back home? Perhaps you wanted a favorite dish, or to meet someone who spoke your language, or just wanted to see a familiar television show. Finding that connection is not always easy. North America has long been a hub ... Read More

Reach all of Asia Pacific on ‘Hot-Beam’: Intelsat’s Latest MCPC Solution Delivers Unprecedented Coverage for Distribution to Cable and IPTV Platforms

June 25, 2018 Global Network Media

Rob Cerbone, Vice President and General Manager, Media For many international programmers, Asia Pacific can be a very dynamic, yet daunting region. For one it is geographically vast.  With countries ranging from China and Japan to Thailand and Singapore; India and Malaysia to Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific Islands–it is fair t ... Read More

Reaching Multi-Cultural Audiences in North America to Maximize Content Distribution

September 15, 2017 Media

By Rob Cerbone, Intelsat’s Vice President and General Manager, Media Services Viewers migrating to other countries miss many aspects of their homeland. Television programming need not be on the list.  For content producers, there is an opportunity to find a vastly engaged audience for your content, especially in the U.S. and Canada, countri ... Read More