Hope That Comes From The Sky

Intelsat is committed to achieving the objective of connecting everyone, everywhere in a sustainable manner. Despite all the technological improvements that have taken place in the past few years, approximately four billion people around the world remain unconnected. While communications technologies reach even the most rural and remote areas, sustainability is still an unsolved challenge. Involving local communities is critical to finding sustainable solutions that fit their needs, financial situation, and ecosystem.

“Broadband adoption that is not just available, accessible, relevant and affordable, but also connectivity that is safe, trusted, empowering users and leading to positive impact.”

—Stephen Spengler, UN Broadband Commissioner, CEO Intelsat

Implementing Sustainable Development

For nearly a decade, the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development has been advocating for policies and programs to expand access to high-speed, high-capacity broadband connections: Everyone should be able to take advantage of the benefits that broadband offers. The concept of ‘meaningful universal connectivity has emerged as the focus of efforts to promote the benefits of online activity while mitigating the potential downsides of digital connectivity.

At Intelsat, we envision a time very soon when technologies are seamless and inter-operable. We must employ new business models to accelerate the infrastructure expansion. As we see it, common sense regulations are a critical tool in overcoming today’s barriers to a connected world. Read Stephen Spengler’s insights in the State of Broadband 2019 report