The All-Access Pass to your Intelsat Services

MyIntelsat is our customer extranet that enables you to manage the services you receive from Intelsat. The website also provides value-added content and tools as well as keeps you informed of the latest news and information.

Manage your portfolio of services online:

  • Transponder & Managed Services: Provides secure access to your company’s Services Portfolio with Intelsat. Stay informed by finding out contract end dates and monthly recurring charges for your services.
  • Transmission Plan: View your current frequency plan, which is based on your transmission plan and Intelsat’s calculated transmission parameters.
  • Commitment Management Report: Obtain service specific information with financial and capacity information per committed carrier and channel.
  • Customer Invoices: Review invoice details. Invoice history is available for 36 months.
  • Lease Transmission Plan Program (LST5): Customers can generate satellite transmission plans with Intelsat’s downloadable link budget tool, which incorporates current Intelsat satellite performance data.
  • Detailed Satellite Coverage Maps: Explore full-color uplink and downlink composite satellite footprint diagram libraries for any beam on operational and planned Intelsat satellites at each orbital location.
  • Earth Station Registration: Register and manage antennas using ARM – the Antenna Registration and Management tool. Instantly receive your new antenna code. Update antenna details and associate operational contacts.
  • Sun Interference Calculator: Obtain long- and short-term sun inference projections for your registered antennas.
  • Customer Contacts: Help ensure that Intelsat is communicating with the right people in the right departments, as well as your network operations centers by using our online contact management tool.
  • Service Tickets: Search, view, and download trouble tickets.
  • And much more: Occasional Use Video – Active Capacity, Satellite Tools and Services, Look Angle Calculator, Satellite Operational Configuration, Contract Terms and Service Descriptions, Carrier Service Order Forms, Service Handbooks.

IESS: Documents, accompanying Files and Software

Intelsat maintains a number of utilities and files to support the successful operation of all classes of antenna, including:

  • X Factor Calculator
  • Intelsat Earth Station Standards documentation, including IESS-309 Technical Notes (English only)
  • Lease Transmission Plan Program, Version 5 (LST5)
  • Earth Station Pointing Data Program
  • AZELPC Utility

Instructions on how to access the above software tools are available to our partners and customers via MyIntelsat.

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