Tracking, Telemetry and Command

Leverage Intelsat's expertise to support your satellite operational requirements.

Tracking, Telemetry, and Command (TT&C)

From continuous satellite monitoring to oversight of ground control system implementation, leverage our expertise to support your satellite operational requirements. We operate more than 75 Intelsat and third party spacecraft, including satellites from all major manufacturers.

Intelsat has developed unique tools by combining third party and in-house ground control software products to create one of the most automated satellite control systems in the industry. From the ground to LEO to MEO to GEO and everything else in between, we have a solution for your spacecraft operational requirements.

  • Continuous satellite monitoring and control from redundant operations centers in McLean, VA, and Long Beach, CA
  • Orbit determination, maneuver planning, propellant management and end-of-life prediction
  • Satellite health management, performance trending, anomaly resolution, payload management and reconfiguration
  • Hinder coordination
  • Oversight of ground control system implementation
  • Flexible solutions for GEO and other orbiting spacecraft (LEO, MEO, etc.)
  • Training Programs for satellite operations