Commercial Hosted Payloads

Providing timely and economical access to geosynchronous orbit.

Commercial Hosted Payloads

Leverage an Intelsat commercial satellite bus to gain timely and economical access to geosynchronous orbit. Each Hosted Payload is designed to match your specific needs. Each year, Intelsat typically procures two to three spacecraft and each presents an opportunity for hosting custom payloads. Each spacecraft is designed for an operational life of 15+ years, offering you a long-term solution for future communications needs.

Sharing of a spacecraft bus platform and the “ride” into geostationary orbit offers you numerous benefits, including significant cost savings, faster time to market and a platform to demonstrate new technologies.

Hosted Payloads offer:

  • Availability in any band (Ku, C, Ka, L, X, and UHF)
  • Integration with the satellite bus or can be independent
  • Design and construction oversight
  • Payload integration, testing and monitoring