Realize Your Optimal Programming Vision

IntelsatOne® Prism Full-time Services

Today’s consumers have an insatiable appetite for TV Everywhere and over-the-top (OTT) content. The pressures of changing consumer viewing behavior means scaling and augmenting traditional business operations to ensure you provide programming across all platforms, devices and formats.

Media Distribution is Changing

Media distribution models are changing dramatically to address the new ways audiences are consuming content. This has caused programmers to scramble in order to find new alternative methods of delivering video content to consumers. To stay relevant, you’re looking to transition from facts-media-prismyour traditional media content delivery methods to a next-generation network that will support the future of your business.

But how do you move forward? These shifts are costly. You need to navigate increased network complexity and invest in more bandwidth, hardware and software to make your platform available to more viewers. You want to innovate and tap into these new revenue streams, but with finite resources and high costs this can be extremely difficult to achieve.

Realize Your Optimal Programming Vision

With IntelsatOne Prism, you’ll realize your optimal programming vision. Move to a new business model that will help you with the transition to IP so you can pursue rapid changes in broadcast technology and take advantage of OTT, UHDTV, HDR and other developments. With IntelsatOne Prism, you can easily upgrade your legacy satellite-based network. Contribution and distribution via IP will further enhance agility and flexibility of the delivery of your content so you can more rapidly change your content based on customer’s feedback.

What is IntelsatOne Prism?

IntelsatOne Prism is a multimedia networking platform and portfolio of managed services that allows customers to easily upgrade a legacy satellite-based network to a next-generation automated hybrid satellite and terrestrial converged IP network. IntelsatOne Prism accommodates legacy and digital/multi-screen media, and optimizes network efficiency to enable customers to do much more for less cost.

With IntelsatOne Prism you will be able to:

  • Simplify operations with easy management of satellite and fiber capacity
  • Implement digital media networking to the new multi-screen world
  • Simplify content delivery for legacy and digital media within one network, one vendor, one contact and one phone number
  • Improve bandwidth management efficiency by 30% or more for multiple applications, and customer sites can share bandwidth
  • Begin quickly and with minimal investment and save $1-3M in upfront hub costs, invest only in remote terminals

IntelsatOne Prism Service Offerings

Broadcast Network Connectivity
Broadcast Network Connectivity

IntelsatOne Prism is available on a full-time basis. Leverage IntelsatOne Prism along with space, fiber and teleport service leases to manage your bandwidth more efficiently, add new applications and features to your network and upgrade to an IP-based operation.

Applications Supported:

  • Automated SNG
  • Broadcast network connectivity
  • Digital cinema delivery
  • Disaster recovery (hot standby)
  • DTT
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Video file delivery services

IntelsatOne Prism in Action

Broadcast Network Connectivity

Your current broadcast network uses a typical segmented topology where distribution of programming, linear content exchange, satellite news gathering and data networking including files transfers are all operated independently with different manual workflows and network assets. It takes money, resources and time to maintain this type of network. And it’s getting harder to justify as the number of formats, last-mile networks and consumer devices you need to support are increasing exponentially. Programming costs are rising, your traditional
subscriber base is shrinking and your subscription and advertising revenues are suffering.

With IntelsatOne Prism, broadcasters can efficiently share bandwidth and network assets across multiple applications, such as full-time linear video distribution, non-linear video delivery, voice, Internet, OU and remote contribution. During times of bandwidth peaks, IntelsatOne Prism will allow you to seamlessly overflow from your full-time bandwidth to Intelsat OU capacity.

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