Integrate Your Network with the Only Globalized Network

Extend Your Service Anywhere in the World

Corporate users with geographically dispersed workforces demand a single, resilient and integrated IP network that can support the voice, data, and video applications necessary to facilitate collaboration and information sharing. The requirements to support these mission-critical business applications via high-speed, secure connections are quite stringent. Additionally, the adoption of cloud computing has elevated the importance of the quality and availability of the link, as the cloud is only as good as your ability to access it. Outages or interrupted links result in downtime and lost profitability while employees and end-users wait for their connections and access to remote data to be reestablished.

For robust enterprise connectivity, it is important that all sites within a global network are provided a high-quality level of service. Locations in the most remote areas should function as if they are simply on another floor at headquarters. New sites must be quickly and seamlessly provisioned into the network and provide the throughput necessary to support bandwidth-heavy applications, while maintaining security for VPN and data-backup applications.

How can you quickly evolve your network to respond to the growing employee and end-user demand, or capitalize on new growth opportunities while managing costs?  

Access Industry-grade Network Performance and Reliability

Leveraging Intelsat satellite capacity can enhance your current network to meet increasing customer demands and extend your network reach to capture growth in new areas cost-effectively and with minimal operational complexity.

Designed as an overlay to Intelsat’s existing fleet, the open architecture and backward compatibility of Intelsat EpicNG satellites further enable you to:

  • Efficiently deliver more throughput to the user
  • Use your existing equipment
  • Choose the network hardware that best suits your applications

Gain unprecedented choice, control and consistent levels of service at a much lower total cost of ownership.

Additionally, you can leverage the IntelsatOne terrestrial network to provide a range of managed services from deployment to teleport and hub operations. Our managed services, like FlexEnterprise, simplify satellite-based communications, reduce network operations costs, and deliver the flexibility and support to meet your changing requirements.

Seamlessly Restore Your Services

Outages can put your revenue and reputation at risk. With the increasing demand to access data instantly, you are under increasing pressure to maintain network uptime and connectivity. While fiber is a necessary component of your network, it can also be susceptible to failure. Whether due to a major disaster, a fiber cut or theft, outages can bring your connectivity to a halt. If your network goes down, it may take hours, days or even weeks to find the origin.

In the meantime, your employees and end-users are frustrated, impacting your brand reputation, employee productivity and ultimately revenue. When an outage occurs, you have to shuffle resources to locate and repair the cause, taking focus away from your growth objectives.

During a planned or unplanned network outage, Intelsat can provide backup capabilities to restore your network via satellite—in near real time. With over 50 satellites and the IntelsatOne terrestrial network providing restoration capabilities, you can:

  • Dramatically minimize your downtime and increase your network reliability
  • Quickly restore sites regardless of location
  • Maintain employee and end-user connectivity enabling them to stay productive
  • Continue earning revenue
  • Perform network upgrades and repairs when it’s practical for your operations

If you want to learn more about our enterprise network solutions or have questions for our team, please contact us.


Success Story

Intelsat and DETASAD Enhance Broadband Connectivity for Corporate Networks in Saudi Arabia

DETASAD will leverage Ku-band services via Intelsat 15 and Intelsat 20 to provide broadband connectivity for its enterprise customers. DETASAD incorporates Intelsat’s satellite services into the largest financial transaction networks in the region, supporting a very large number of automated teller machines (ATMs) located throughout Saudi Arabia, among other applications where high reliability and security are critical to success. DETASAD also serves a wide range of corporate networks that are used by small and medium enterprises, maritime operators, oil and gas companies, government agencies, and internet service providers (ISPs) to help power the country’s economy and deliver services to urban and remote areas.

“We partnered with Intelsat to complement our existing telecom infrastructure as Intelsat’s satellite solutions have a strong track record of seamlessly and securely connecting broadband networks across a vast area.”

Adel Al Gidawi, CFO, Detecon Al Saudia Co. Ltd. (DETASAD)