Organizations operating oil and gas drilling platforms or other offshore facilities face a complex set of circumstances — and those challenges just keep growing:

  • Business and regulatory risk resulting in mandatory connectivity requirements
  • Remote locations and severe weather testing the strength of communications links
  • Supporting bandwidth-hungry applications such as geological data gathering, remote monitoring, data transfer back to headquarters, as well as crew welfare

The selection of the proper robust communications link to handle these requirements is of the utmost importance.

Utilizing its global fleet of 50+ satellites, Intelsat gives service providers the ability to deliver the flexible and reliable communications solutions required by land-based and off-shore drilling operations. Leveraging weather-resistant C- and Ku-band frequencies, service providers can quickly establish carrier-grade networks with the kind of robust availability required in these harsh environments.

Intelsat offers a wide array of Teleport and managed Network Broadband services that lower the barrier to entry costs for new networks while providing full control to the service provider.

Intelsat’s infrastructure delivers value for Oil & Gas service providers:

  • Robust, highly reliable links support the most important information elements
  • Minimal downtime within the harshest of environments
  • Improved crew welfare and retention, resulting in increased productivity and low turnover
  • The ability to keep highly paid specialists at headquarters, providing expertise globally
  • Several service options depending upon desired level of control and economics