The SPACECONNECTION Taps Intelsat for Global Occasional Use Capacity

Pembroke, Bermuda, 16 April 2007

Intelsat today announced that The SPACECONNECTION, Inc. signed a definitive agreement for global Occasional Use (OU) space segment capacity. The industry’s leading provider of OU space segment, SPACECONNECTION is extending its relationship for space segment capacity to support satellite newsgathering and television production services worldwide.

“We are pleased to continue building our relationship with Intelsat,” said Mike Antonovich, President and CEO. “We are especially pleased to be able to ensure our continued preferential access to the Intelsat global fleet for the benefit of all our global news, sports and entertainment customers.”

“We believe our commitment to the occasional use services business is unmatched and Intelsat continues to invest in this vital sector,” said Kurt Riegelman, Senior Vice President, Americas Sales. “Extending our relationship with The SPACECONNECTION further speaks to our commitment to provide the ubiquitous global coverage, time-sensitive response and high level of support that the world’s broadcasters and programmers have come to expect from Intelsat.”

In the highly competitive Occasional Use market, Intelsat continues to lead the industry in offering the largest OU inventory in the world, packaged with an extensive stable of teleport gateways and an enhanced fiber optic network to support the needs of television programmers, news agencies and broadcasters worldwide.