RRSat Extends Its Global Reach Across Three Continents with Intelsat

Pembroke, Bermuda, 5 September 2007

Intelsat, Ltd., the world’s leading provider of commercial satellite services, announced that RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: RRST), a global provider of end-to-end transmission and production services for broadcasters, will use the Intelsat global network to expand RRSat’s programming transmissions services seamlessly across three continents.

RRSat contracted for capacity on Intelsat’s Galaxy 23 and Intelsat 10 satellites for content broadcasting throughout Africa, Asia and North America. The Intelsat 10 satellite, located at 68.5°E offers communications services to customers wanting access to the emerging markets of the Indian subcontinent as well as Central and Western Asia. RRSat will use its Intelsat 10 capacity to distribute television programming from Europe and the United States into Asia and Africa.

The Galaxy 23 satellite, located at 121°W within Intelsat’s valuable Galaxy neighborhood, offers programmers distribution to the U.S. cable community, reaching millions of homes. RRSat will use Galaxy 23 capacity to distribute television programming from Europe and Asia into the U.S. cable market.

“Intelsat’s two satellites, Galaxy 23 and Intelsat 10, will provide RRSat with the extensive coverage required to meet our customers’ growing demands for our comprehensive content management and global distribution services,” said Lior Rival, RRSat’s Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Likewise, service on Intelsat 10 allows us the opportunity to expand our offering with new services to current and new customers.”

“Programmers turn to Intelsat when seeking global market access,” said Jean Philippe Gillet, Intelsat’s Regional Vice President, Europe & Middle East Sales. “Our growing relationship with RRSat is a prime example of how our customers rely on Intelsat to efficiently implement global business objectives.”