PanGlobal TV Continues on Growth Path with New AssyriaSat Channel

First Assyrian Worldwide Television Channel Brings New Viewers and Offerings to Australia’s Multi-Ethnic DTH Platform

Sydney, Australia, 19 December 2005

PanAmSat (NYSE: PA) today announced that AssyriaSat has signed a multi-year agreement with Globecast Australia to deliver its programming through PanGlobal TV, a joint marketing alliance between PanAmSat and GlobeCast Australia, to viewers throughout Australia. The world’s first and only Assyrian television station will be carried on the Australia Beam of PanAmSat’s PAS-8 Pacific Ocean Region satellite located at 166 degrees East Longitude. As a result of this transaction, PanGlobal TV will now offer 27 channels of multi-ethnic programming to the Australian subscribers of this Direct-to-Home platform (DTH).

“Diversity is what PanGlobal TV is all about and AssyriaSat brings us exactly that–the first Assyrian programming channel for our DTH viewers in Australia,” said David Ball, vice president, Asia Pacific, PanAmSat. “With programming from a multitude of countries, PanGlobal TV is the platform to turn to when looking for culturally rich television fare.”

Launched in October 2002, AssyriaSat is the first Assyrian worldwide television channel. Originating from the Assyria Vision (KBSV-TV) studios at the Assyrian Cultural Center of Bet Nahrain in Ceres, California, it features a wide variety of family-oriented programs, including news reports, general entertainment, cultural and educational shows. The station broadcasts its programming worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“AssyriaSat is very pleased to announce this relationship with GlobeCast Australia using the PanGlobal Platform on PanAmSat’s PAS-8 satellite,” said Dr. Sargon Dadesho, CEO of AssyriaSat. “With this agreement, AssyriaSat will be able to reach thousands of Aramaic-speaking homes throughout Australia.”

The PAS-8 satellite provides video, telecommunications and Internet access throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It is the delivery platform for PanGlobal TV, which provides programmers immediate access to an established and growing Australian DTH neighborhood.

PanGlobal TV is a joint marketing alliance between PanAmSat and GlobeCast Australia. Launched in 2004, the DTH platform delivers multi-ethnic programming to tens of thousands of people across the Australian continent. It is one of nine DTH platforms that PanAmSat supports around the globe.

PanGlobal TV offers 27 different channels of multi-ethnic programming, including Japanese programming from NHK World Premium; MySAT, the Arabic Pay TV service; ART; ART Movies; LBC; Future TV; MBC; Noursat; and Horizon World Plus TV Pty Ltd which distributes five Russian television channels: Channel One ORT, RTR, RTV+ and NTV. In addition, the platform offers TV Plus which offers Serbian language services including Pink Plus, Pink Extra, BK, BN and BHTV1 as well as a bouquet of five program channels from the Zee Television Group: Zee TV, Zee Premiere, Zee Action, Zee Punjabi and Zee Music.

PanGlobal TV transmits digital television channel signals from either GlobeCast Australia’s Sydney teleport or the PanAmSat Napa Valley, CA teleport to the PAS-8 Ku-band Australia beam. The teleports offer digital encoding, signal processing and transport services in addition to the uplink service to the satellite. PanGlobal TV offers backhaul to either the Napa teleport or the Sydney teleport by satellite, fiber or hybrid satellite/fiber contribution. Playout, production and Conditional Access and Subscriber Management services are also available.