PanAmSat’s Bandwidth-On-Demand Service Wins Top Award for Technical Achievement

QuickSPOT Receives Leading Innovation Award from Television Broadcast Magazine

Wilton, CT, 5 May 2005

PanAmSat Corporation (NYSE: PA) announced today that QuickSPOT, the company’s bandwidth-on-demand service, was honored with Television Broadcast magazine’s Top Innovation Award. Selected by industry professionals and Television Broadcast’s editorial team for its technical innovation and efficient ease-of-use, QuickSPOT enables broadcasters to access satellite-based broadband capacity whenever and wherever they want it.

“QuickSPOT is a major breakthrough for broadcasters because it allows users to automatically access PanAmSat’s satellites and pay for usage by the minute,” said Michael Silbergleid, editor and associate publisher for Television Broadcast Magazine. “This is a tremendous cost saver in the transmission of on-the-spot news delivery and positively impacts a broadcaster’s bottom line.”

With one push of a button, the QuickSPOT system warms up and finds the satellite, eliminating the need for separate phone lines and private Internet circuits during broadcast spot transmissions. In the same manner, the system can shut down in 10 seconds flat. Because QuickSPOT is always on, users can start transmitting data at any time, similar to how a telephone is used. In contrast to other on-demand services, it can be accessed using auto-deploying or fixed antennas, and the service can be automatically started or terminated. This eliminates the need for the broadcaster to contact a satellite network operator to set frequencies.

“We are extremely gratified to accept this award, which reflects the truly ground-breaking efforts of our dedicated PanAmSat team and our key technology partners, On-Call Communications and Comtech/EF Data,” said Mike Antonovich, executive vice president of global sales and marketing, PanAmSat. “QuickSPOT’s technological advance is truly a game-changer in the way PanAmSat will provide timely, efficient and cost-effective services to existing and emerging users of satellite communications.”

QuickSPOT is ideal for satellite newsgathering operations, enterprise applications, disaster recovery as well as government, state and local municipality needs. The service supports the transmission of IP data, Internet and file transfer protocol (FTP), voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing and MPEG-4 video transmissions. Currently offered in North America as QuickSPOT, it is also offered in Asia as “On Demand Asia.”

Products or technologies that receive the Television Broadcast Top Innovation Award are nominated by industry professionals and selected unanimously by the editorial team of Television Broadcast magazine. The awards are presented in recognition of Technology Insight for the Bottom Line™, having combined innovative technical achievement with workflow and cost efficiencies.