PanAmSat and KenCast Inc Carry Live Video of Satellite Launch from Russia to Wilton, CT TO PDAS with New Satellite-Based Broadband Technology

Wilton, CT, 12 August 2005

PanAmSat (NYSE: PA) announced today it was joining forces with KenCast, Inc. to demonstrate a WiMAX broadcast of the launch of the Company’s Galaxy 14 satellite from Kazakhstan. Captured at the launch site, the live video feed is being transmitted via PanAmSat’s satellite network to their offices in Connecticut. It is then being multicast via terrestrial wireless broadband directly into wireless handheld devices such as smart phones and laptops.

“PanAmSat prides itself in embracing technological innovation that makes sense. From digital compression to high-definition television, the Company has been at the forefront. We believe that WiMAX broadcasts have limitless possibilities which is why we are supporting this new technology,” said Jim Cuminale, executive vice president, Corporate Development for PanAmSat.“Satellite-based WiMAX broadcasts are an important development for the industry as it will enable the delivery of IPTV as well as play a critical role in satellite news gathering business.”

The analog TV signal will be carried from Russia by PanAmSat satellite to Wilton, CT where KenCast will digitally encode the incoming video into IP protocol, dynamically apply its Fazzt Server software to protect the live video with unique FEC, while multicasting the video through 900 MHz transmission equipment to industry standard WiFi equipment with live delivery to PDAs with Fazzt PDA Clients.

Both PanAmSat and KenCast are industry leaders in promoting and utilizing new and innovative technology, first with compressed digital delivery to cable systems and now with wireless broadband, such as WiMAX. In July, PanAmSat, KenCast and Trinity Workplace Learning demonstrated satellite-delivered live video to handheld devices at the WiMAX Forum Plenary in Vancouver, Canada. A live video stream from Trinity’s facilities in Dallas, TX was uplinked to PanAmSat’s Galaxy 11, then encoded and transcoded by Kencast to handheld devices at the Vancouver trade show. Sponsored by Intel and many others, the WiMAX Forum Plenary is one of the industry’s leading events for showcasing the application of WiMAX technology.