Intelsat Signs Avail Media for IPTV Service Distribution

Pembroke, Bermuda, 20 February 2007

Intelsat today announced that Avail Media signed a contract to offer Intelsat’s MPEG-4 content aggregation and delivery service – Intelsat IPTV.

Intelsat IPTV is an innovative service combining the strong video communities on legacy PanAmSat’s fleet and the technical innovation in IPTV of legacy Intelsat. The Intelsat IPTV Super Headend will offer a lineup of more than 200 video and audio channels in MPEG-4 IP format. Developed with open-standard technology, IPTV providers such as integrators, telcos, cable systems and programmers will be able to choose from a selection of compliant conditional access systems, middleware and set-top-boxes.

Avail Media provides turnkey solutions, including content rights, subscriber management, middleware and local integration. As a customer of Intelsat, Avail Media will be able to offer an enhanced IPTV solution, powered by Intelsat IPTV, to its customer base consisting of telco operators fiber-to-the-home providers and independent cable operators. Avail will offer its IPTV solution starting in the second quarter of 2007.

“The contract with Intelsat enables Avail Media to distribute high-quality video and audio services to our clients in a robust fashion,” said Jon Romm, Executive Vice President of Sales for Avail Media. “Intelsat’s high-quality distribution platform is not only the right service offering today but it also provides us an opportunity to enhance our offering as our business grows.”

The service will launch on satellites in Intelsat’s premium North American Cable Arc, easily accessible by telcos, cable systems and other video service providers throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. IPTV operators can achieve cost savings by subscribing to an Intelsat IPTV-powered solution, and at the same time be able to add to their channel lineups to suit the needs of their target audience from more than 350 channels already on Intelsat’s Cable Arc satellites.

“Intelsat IPTV sets the new standard for satellite IPTV. We are providing a service that can deliver a compelling proposition to all service providers in the value chain,” said Vicki Warker, Intelsat’s Senior Vice President, Global Marketing. “Distributors and integrators who contract with us get a quality product that they can easily integrate into their local head-end solutions; telcos and other last-mile systems receive the flexibility, service customization, cost-savings and high quality programming that enhances their local value proposition and overall consumer satisfaction; and programmers get improved access to last-mile systems and their end users regardless of whether they chose to deliver their content via our new Super Headend, or directly via their satellite leases on our cable communities.”