Intelsat Ranked First Among Teleport Service Providers

Pembroke, Bermuda, November 2, 2006

Intelsat announced today that it placed first on the World Teleport Association’s (WTA) annual rankings of the top teleport operators. Intelsat led the list of the 2006 Global Top Twenty. WTA’s Global Top Twenty ranks companies based on revenues from all satellite-related sources which includes independents, satellite carriers, fiber carriers, and technology providers.

“Our leadership in this sector of the satellite industry is a testament to the growth of our hybrid GlobalConnexSM managed solutions business. Since its introduction in 2002, our GlobalConnex revenues have grown dramatically and now represent an annualized run-rate of approximately $130 million,” said Vicki Warker, SVP, Global Marketing, Intelsat. “We provide seamless, secure and easy delivery of voice, data, video and IP traffic anywhere in the world through bundling our satellite capacity with our global teleports, points of presence and ground network infrastructure.”

Intelsat’s GlobalConnex Services are among its highest growth services, driven by demand for corporate data and Voice Over IP applications. Likewise, the offering also provides end-to-end support for media, Internet trunking, WiFi hotspots, distance learning, and point-of-sale transactions. Another component of Intelsat’s teleport services includes hosting disaster recovery facilities for broadcasters and other operators.