Intelsat Launches Global Maritime Solution

Schlumberger Signs Distribution Agreement


Pembroke, Bermuda, 19 June 2007

Intelsat Ltd., the world’s leading provider of commercial satellite services, announced today the launch of its new Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime service, the latest addition to Intelsat’s GlobalConnex portfolio of services, as well as the signing of a multi-year distribution agreement with Schlumberger.

This solution is bringing new levels of bandwidth capabilities to the maritime industry and it is ideally suited for maritime fleet management and oilfield service providers seeking global data and voice connectivity regardless of their fleet or maritime structure location.

Utilizing Intelsat’s global satellite C-band capacity, the Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime network operates at rates up to 2Mbps, with the initial service offering continuous communications with high-powered bandwidth rates from 128kbps to 512kbps. In addition, Intelsat’s Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime service offers “always-on” broadband access that provides customers with continuous bandwidth for a fixed monthly fee.

In addition to its industry-leading bandwidth rates, Intelsat’s Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime service differentiates itself from other offerings by incorporating two unique technical features. The first feature is an integrated Automatic Beam Switching system, which seamlessly transfers service between the satellites and maintains a site’s Internet session while the vessel is underway, eliminating the need for complex and costly manual intervention such as the re-pointing of antennas. The second feature, the platform’s Global Network Monitoring System, offers customers the ability to monitor all remote locations from a single monitoring site at any location desired by the customer. The requirements of companies managing vessel fleets and maritime infrastructures desiring efficient connectivity worldwide were the driving force behind these design features.

Intelsat will market this maritime communications solution to the maritime and oil and gas industries via a select group of distribution service providers who will then be responsible for customer network management, application support and installation, and maintenance of remote terminals on vessels or structures.

Schlumberger, the leading oilfield services provider, has signed a multi-year agreement to distribute Intelsat’s Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime service to the oil and gas market. Schlumberger enables oil companies to connect their offices to remote drilling and production operations to support collaborative decision making through shared access to information applications and networks.

“Always-on connectivity is important for our ability to relay real-time data to our customers,” said Andy Lucas, Director of Global Connectivity Services at Schlumberger.

“When developing this service, we took into consideration the critical current needs of the market and most importantly, what our customers were seeking in next-generation services. Having Schlumberger as a distribution partner speaks directly to the strength and uniqueness of our service offering,” said Jay Yass, Intelsat’s Vice President of Network Services. “Schlumberger’s experience and global presence in the maritime oil and gas industry made them the ideal go-to-market partner as we introduce the service worldwide.”

Intelsat’s Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime platform uses capacity on three ocean-region satellites: IS-605 at 174 degrees E, IS-707 at 307 degrees E and IS-906 at 64 degrees E. Likewise, primary hubs at Intelsat’s teleports of Fuchsstadt and Riverside and backup hubs of Intelsat’s Mountainside and Atlanta teleports round out the seamless global network unrivaled by other offerings in the industry.