Intelsat Introduces Innovative Solution for Rural Cellular Backhaul Services

Pembroke, Bermuda, 26 February 2008

Intelsat, Ltd., the world’s leading provider of commercial satellite services, today announced the launch of Mobile Reach, an innovative solution for wireless operators enabling them to cost-effectively extend cellular networks to rural areas and sparsely populated regions thereby increasing teledensity.

Intelsat’s Mobile Reach service will use the Hughes HX broadband satellite system and C-band capacity primarily on Intelsat 901 at 342 degrees E as well as other Intelsat satellites in the Atlantic Ocean Region in its initial phase. Mobile Reach is designed for fast and cost-efficient service rollouts and offers wireless operators a number of benefits such as speed to market, easy implementation and an economical means to address business expansion needs.

Mobile Reach will first be introduced in Brazil with Hughes Telecommunicacoes do Brasil, Ltda., the wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes), and utilizing its HughesNet service platform. Intelsat’s partnership with Hughes enables a fully managed solution from installation to service introduction, from two of the satellite industry’s leading service providers.

“Intelsat’s experience in serving more than 60 wireless operators with cellular extension services gave us the insight to the sector’s most pressing issues. We designed Mobile Reach to address those needs. With Mobile Reach, wireless operators can now reach further, deliver faster, and be more efficient in extending their cell networks,” said Jay Yass, Intelsat’s Vice President, Network Services.