Intelsat Distributes Interactive HD TV Programming to Russia

Pembroke, Bermuda, 5 June 2008

Intelsat, Ltd., the world’s leading provider of commercial satellite services, signed a multi-year agreement with Rikor TV for the distribution of interactive High Definition (HD) television services into Russia.

Under the agreement, Intelsat will provide transmission services to Rikor on its Intelsat 904 satellite located at 60 degrees East, enabling Rikor’s programming to reach cable operators and DTH customers in Western and Central Russia, accessing more than 80 percent of the Russian population.

Rikor subscribers will now be able to participate in cutting-edge interactive applications such as live polling events and real-time chats, making payments and purchases and obtaining background information about the programming content that is being viewed. “Intelsat’s network provides the transmission services we need to reach our target viewership,” said Marat Hasyanov, General Director, Rikor TV Ltd. “In addition, Intelsat can support the newest technologies in demand today and we are confident that we will be able to seamlessly grow our HD interactive television services based on our relationship with Intelsat.”

“Interactive television is among the drivers fueling next-generation growth for satellite services, and our industry-leading network is able to bring this application to fruition for Rikor TV,” said Jean Philippe Gillet, Regional Vice President, Europe & Middle East. “Our strength in HD transmissions, regional coverage and ability to support customers with growing businesses are the reasons that programmers turn to Intelsat worldwide.”