G2 Satellite Solutions Launches Global IDirect Network to Support Fixed and Mobile Communications

Washington, DC, 1 June 2005

G2 Satellite Solutions Corp. (G2), PanAmSat’s wholly owned subsidiary focused on providing communications solutions to the US government, today announced the launch of a new global managed network service based on the iDirect technology. The network uses high-powered Ku-band beams around the globe to deliver voice, data, video and Internet simply and securely using commercial off-the-shelf VSAT equipment.

“We designed this network after listening carefully to government and military users about what was missing from other service offerings” said Tom Eaton, executive vice president of PanAmSat and president of G2 Satellite Solutions, “and we learned customer service and security options were critical. Our service is supported by a dedicated G2 Customer Service Network Operations Center in Atlanta, GA, staffed with IP experts, and offering multiple options for VPN and type I & II encryption for secure communications. With one year of experience behind us, this has become the fastest growing segment of G2’s business. Furthermore, our global network is scalable to meet both government and commercial enterprise requirements.”

Government agencies and their partners use G2’s managed network solution to support global virtual private networks (VPNs) with increasing throughput needs and stringent voice and video quality requirements. The network provides the most extensive Ku-band network coverage in the marketplace, driving down terminal sizes and increasing the mobility between beams using off-the-shelf portable VSAT equipment. The service is currently being used by G2’s customers in virtually every corner of the world, including: Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, Iraq, Latin America and the United States.

G2 is currently serving national health agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, providing VoIP, email, secure video conferencing, high resolution image sharing and collaborative data applications. Homeland security missions such as disease detection and prevention are supported by using G2’s global iDirect network. In addition, G2 also provides morale, welfare and recreation communication services to the government in support of strategic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As part of its managed network solution, G2 provides a wide array of mobile and fixed terminal options ranging from small, sub-1 meter VSATs, to “ruggedized”, auto-acquire systems and a light weight, inflatable antenna for quick deploy communications. G2 manages the network end-to-end and provides real-time operational data to its customers regarding usage and network optimization options. To supplement the service, G2 also offers remote site equipment, installation, shipping, licensing and integration into new or legacy networks.

From three strategically located iDirect hubs operating on up to 15 satellites, G2’s customers can operate virtually anywhere on earth.