Future-Proof Content Delivery with IntelsatOne® Prism IP-Based Service

Fully Automated Network Enables Media Customers to Deliver Content Anytime, Anywhere and to Any Device

Luxembourg, 10 April 2015  As media consumption habits change and viewers demand more content be delivered across multiple devices, media companies are facing pressure to quickly upgrade their networks to meet the demands of a TV-everywhere and increasingly Over-the-Top (OTT) society. However, delivering content in new ways to multiple devices and in different formats is incredibly complex, and upgrading legacy networking systems can be a costly undertaking.

Today, Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I), the world’s leading provider of satellite services, expands its media services offering with the introduction of IntelsatOne® Prism, a next-generation, IP content distribution platform and managed service that is fully integrated with Intelsat’s powerful global satellite fleet and IntelsatOne terrestrial network. IntelsatOne Prism’s fully automated, converged IP-based platform allows media customers to conduct multiple content transmissions via one platform, including linear video, file transfer, VoIP, Internet access and data exchange. It enables media customers to seamlessly implement digital media networking using legacy assets, improve bandwidth management with minimal investment and simplify overall content delivery and operational networks.

“The media landscape is changing rapidly, with video and data services entering a period of unprecedented convergence,” said Peter Ostapiuk, Head of Media Product Management, Intelsat. “In order to address the changes occurring in their business models, our media customers want services that support their needs today, but also are adaptable to future formats and standards that may be deployed in the future. IntelsatOne Prism’s IP technology supports services that provide media customers with the perfect evolution that will extend media IP networking to the sky, delivering reliable, high-quality content contribution and distribution regardless of location or device. In addition, the versatility of the Prism enabled services will allow our customers to adapt their workflows, simplify their operations and support both current and future media applications, optimizing their overall network costs.”

IntelsatOne Prism services are based on the Newtec Dialog® multiservice broadcast solution, which combines the core Dialog VSAT platform and workflow automation functionality with Intelsat’s global satellite and terrestrial infrastructure as well as 24/7 monitoring to provide a seamless end-to-end solution. Initially available in North America via Intelsat’s Ku- and C-band satellites, the Prism ‘hub’ is a shared infrastructure owned and operated by Intelsat and located at its Atlanta, Georgia teleport. The customer terminals—fixed or mobile—complement the hub and allow legacy antennas and satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicles to be upgraded easily by integrating a Newtec modem, minimizing the upfront investment.

IntelsatOne Prism services will provide media customers with the ability to:

  • Transform their legacy network. A single multimedia networking platform and portfolio of managed services allows customers to seamlessly upgrade a legacy satellite-based network to a next-generation, automated, hybrid satellite and terrestrial converged IP network.
  • Refocus the business on digital media. The ability to automate a media provider’s legacy network applications while allowing it to deploy next generation digital media applications within one platform enables media companies to refocus fiber and satellite content delivery between production facilities, affiliates and the last mile. It allows for less switching and manual intervention, higher availability and faster speeds over a converged IP stream.
  • Simplify operational complexities. Integrated software tools such as a file transfer application, as well as service activation/deactivation and monitoring, provide an end-to-end managed solution that simplifies operations.
  • Improve bandwidth management and scheduling. Effective use of space segment and network resources over time through scheduling, reservation and automation assisted by advanced modulation and coding technologies help reduce transmission operating expenses.

Upgrade the network quickly and with minimal upfront investment. This is due to the shared hub, which allows the media customers to invest only in remote terminals.

Initially, Intelsat will focus IntelsatOne Prism services in two areas:

  • Full-Time Service: offered to media customers that want to leverage IntelsatOne Prism along with full time space, fiber and teleport services to enable them to manage bandwidth more efficiently, add new applications and features to their networks, and upgrade to IP-based operations. Media applications that will initially benefit from the full-time service include Broadcast network connectivity, Automated SNG, Radio Broadcasting, Disaster Recovery, DTT, Digital Cinema Delivery and Video File Delivery Services.
  • Occasional Use: for those media customers that want to leverage the applications and features of IntelsatOne Prism, but on an ad-hoc basis using Occasional Use (OU) bandwidth. Media applications that would benefit from automated access voice, video and data links through an integrated platform include Special Event Coverage, OU SNG, Communications from Remote Locations, Regional Bureau Contribution and Surge from full-time to OU.

Intelsat plans to roll out IntelsatOne Prism services to additional regions, such as Europe, Latin America and Africa, as well as develop and deliver enhanced services for the platform, through 2015 and 2016.

IntelsatOne Prism Technology Demonstration at NAB
On Tuesday, 14 April 2015 at 11:00 a.m. PDT (UTC/GMT-7), during the NAB show in Las Vegas, Intelsat will formally unveil IntelsatOne Prism through a 4K UHDTV demonstration with Newtec, iStreamPlanet and PSSI. The demonstration will take place in the Intelsat booth at NAB in the South Upper Hall, SU 3110.

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