Freedom Calls Taps PanAmSat to Help U.S. Military in Iraq Call Home

Washington, DC, 14 February 2006

PanAmSat today announced that the Freedom Calls Foundation (Freedom Calls) had selected its subsidiary G2 Satellite Solutions (G2) to deploy state-of-the-art satellite communications services including telephone, web access, e-mail and multiple video teleconferencing sessions to connect soldiers in Iraq with their families in the U.S. A wholly owned subsidiary of PanAmSat, G2 focuses on providing communications solutions to the U.S. government.

“For the past several years, PanAmSat and G2 have worked closely with the U.S. Government to explore ways that satellite-based technologies can be integrated into the country’s homeland defense and communications systems. We are making significant strides in both areas as shown by such applications as Freedom Calls. In this situation, satellites are the only way to make this service possible as there is no pre-existing communications network throughout Iraq. By using satellites, we are able to connect soldiers to their families regardless of their position on the ground and enable them to interact as if they were in a room together. This program is just one of several applications where we are using satellites to either create or extend a communications’ infrastructure. In the future, satellite technology is going to play an even greater role in providing communications connectivity in the under developed regions of the world such as the Middle East, Africa and parts of Latin America as well as in the defense and security of the United States,” said Tom Eaton, president of G2 Satellite Solutions and executive vice president of PanAmSat.

In early December, Freedom Calls hired G2 to replace their existing satellite service provider and to establish links to three locations in Iraq—Al Asad, Taji and Fallujah. Using its global IP-over-satellite network, G2 was able to rapidly establish a private network for Freedom Calls with quality-of-service guarantees. Leveraging bandwidth on its PAS-10 Indian Ocean Region satellite, G2 worked with Freedom Calls to re-point antennas in Iraq to the Boeing 601 HP satellite and successfully connect the two countries.

“The Freedom Calls team was extremely impressed with the speed and cooperation of G2 to get our service relocated and running in the extraordinarily short turnaround of four days during one of the busiest times of the year. Use of their managed network solution has also substantially improved the overall quality of service of the system, which has been a big help to us all,” said John B. Harlow II, executive director, Freedom Calls Foundation. “We look forward to working closely with G2 as we set up additional locations.”

To arrange the videoconferencing sessions for the soldiers and their families, G2 is utilizing its global managed network service based on the iDirect technology. G2’s IP-over-satellite network is monitored 24×7 by G2’s Network Operations Center (NOC) The military, government agencies and contractors use G2’s managed network service to support a host of open and secure IP applications, including video, voice and Internet access, especially in remote areas. G2’s service is currently deployed in almost every corner of the world, including: Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, Europe, Iraq, Latin America and the United States.

G2’s managed network solution uses high-powered Ku-band beams around the globe to deliver voice, data, video and Internet simply and securely with commercial off-the-shelf VSAT equipment. The network provides the most extensive Ku-band network coverage in the marketplace, driving down terminal sizes and increasing the mobility between beams. From three strategically located iDirect hubs operating on up to 15 satellites, G2’s customers can operate virtually anywhere on earth. Government agencies and their partners use G2’s managed network solution to support global virtual private networks (VPNs) with increasing throughput needs and stringent voice and video quality requirements.

In addition to Freedom Calls, G2 is presently serving:

  • National health agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, providing VoIP, email, secure video conferencing, high-resolution image sharing and collaborative data applications
  • Homeland security missions such as disease detection and prevention utilizing G2’s global iDirect network.
  • Morale, welfare and recreation communication services to the government in support of strategic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.