Enciclomedia Brings Together Pegaso Banda Ancha, PanAmSat and ViaSat to Provide Internet Connectivity to Mexico’s Schools

Pegaso Banda Ancha to Integrate and Commercialize Service, PanAmSat to Interconnect Schools Through PAS-1 and ViaSat to Provide 13,000+ SurfBeam® Terminals for Initiative

Washington, DC, 7 February 2006

Pegaso Banda Ancha and PanAmSat (NYSE: PA) announced today that they will help deliver Mexico’s Enciclomedia Internet interconnectivity program to over 13,000 elementary schools throughout the country. Concurrently, ViaSat (NASDAQ: VSAT) announced that it has finalized a contract to supply its SurfBeam® DOCSIS-for-satellite broadband satellite networking system to Mexico-based Pegaso Banda Ancha for the 13,000-plus school sites. The deliveries of the network hub and terminals have already begun.

“Through our strategic relationships with ViaSat and PanAmSat, we will be able to provide service to this very important project that will contribute to the progress of education in every corner of Mexico,” said Javier Braun Burillo, general director of Pegaso Banda Ancha.

The Pegaso Banda Ancha network will connect to the Internet backbone through the PanAmSat teleport in Atlanta, Georgia, using extended Ku-band capacity on the PAS-1R satellite. PAS-1R, one of the largest and most powerful commercial geostationary satellites ever launched, offers an expanded and enhanced reach throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. The Atlanta teleport is PanAmSat’s primary satellite transmissions gateway to Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. It provides crucial turnaround services between the Atlantic Ocean Region and the U.S.

“Through PanAmSat’s powerful and reliable fleet, Pegaso Banda Ancha’s satellite-delivered communications network and ViaSat SurfBeam terminals, our companies’ efforts will help contribute to the roll-out of Enciclomedia, bringing today’s technological advances in education to young students in Mexico,” said Joe Wright, CEO, PanAmSat..

The mission of the Enciclomedia initiative is to modernize rural, suburban and urban schools throughout Mexico by installing electronic blackboards, computers, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and sensors to monitor the classroom activity. Initially, Pegaso Banda Ancha will provide the interconnectivity to monitor the classroom as well as Internet access. Additional throughput and bandwidth can be provided as needed.

“We’re very proud that Pegaso has chosen our SurfBeam system for this very large scale Enciclomedia system,” said Jorge Vespoli, vice president of worldwide sales for ViaSat. “Based on our DOCSIS-for-satellite technology, this project is unprecedented in terms of its scale, leading technology and the speed of deployment and activation.”

The ViaSat DOCSIS-for-satellite system is a new approach to broadband satellite communications that makes satellites a very cost-effective medium for broadband delivery through very efficient use of satellite bandwidth, low-cost consumer terminals and mature back office and customer service systems. The open standard network adapts the cable modem networking standard called DOCSIS® (Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications) to satellite transmission. Because the DOCSIS broadband networking standard is already used by millions of terrestrial cable customers, the technology is highly developed and low-cost in terms of modem chipsets, hub (head end) hardware, installation and customer support.