Perspective: Localization Requires Globalization

iStock_000066826051_Small-195x130The digital age has made it easier than ever to reach new audiences worldwide, yet there are still enormous barriers that stand in the way of creating more personalized relationships with customers, regardless of location.

New media formats and flexible programming strategies, along with innovative new applications and smarter devices, are creating a more connected society. While these advances in communications may have you think we live in a “global village” – much of the world is still unconnected, and up to 7,000 different languages are spoken today. The ability of organizations to support unique market requirements, keep pace with technological change and grow their businesses to meet the demands of our anytime, anywhere society – well, that requires truly global capabilities.

If you are a broadcaster, it means having the ability to quickly and easily roll out new services, attract advertisers and increase viewership – all while containing costs and keeping content secure. It means being able to establish connectivity or move troops in an instant – for military operations, disaster recovery, emergency response and more. In business, it means the ability to provision new services with speed and ease to win new customers and retain the ones you have.

In order to successfully reach new markets and 100% of your audience with more relevant and personalized content and services – with the reliability and performance people expect – there has to be a global approach.

At Intelsat, we believe that our customers’ success depends on having a global network that is fully equipped and adaptable so they don’t have to wait to capitalize on market opportunities. For instance, media companies can benefit today from our hybrid satellite and terrestrial solutions and video neighborhoods, ensuring the maximum audience penetration. Plus, our next-generation, high throughput Intelsat EpicNG satellites provide unique opportunities for content regionalization.

We make it achievable and practical to innovate. Not only do we have the most advanced and integrated satellite and terrestrial connectivity in the world, our global network of partners, in-market expertise and managed services is second to none – making it possible to facilitate connectivity and communications seamlessly – anytime, anywhere.

To hear more about how Intelsat is transforming next-generation communications, visit us at Satellite 2016 on March 7-10! We’ll have several members of our senior leadership team at the show, where they’ll be presenting the latest industry insights and sharing how Intelsat is driving innovation across the broadband, government, media and mobility sectors. 

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