Perspective: It Takes an Ecosystem to Hyperconnect the World

Perspective It Takes an Ecosystem to Hyperconnect the WorldThere’s no doubt about it, increased connectivity underlies nearly every major trend today – from the Internet of Things to mobile commerce to smart cars and wearable technology. We’re becoming a hyperconnected society and it’s changing virtually every aspect of how we live our lives.

It’s no longer an aspiration, but rather an expectation that we can instantly communicate with anyone, anywhere. But delivering this type of hyperconnected experience remains challenging – especially when you consider that 40% of the earth’s population is still without broadband access. Moreover, bringing access to new markets or regions requires expertise and support that go far beyond physical connectivity. Other factors, including a knowledge of local culture and geographies, regulations, licensing requirements and more, need to be negotiated and in place long before connectivity – and the communications and services it enables – can be successfully delivered and maintained.

It takes a tightly woven, heterogeneous ecosystem of technology, partnerships and services to overcome the barriers to ubiquitous, end-to-end connectivity. And, it needs to be invisible to the end user. Because we all know that people don’t care how they connect – it just needs to happen.

The Intelsat ecosystem – connectivity anytime, anywhere
Everything we do at Intelsat is built around making it easy for customers to meet their communications objectives, regardless of location. With our satellite and terrestrial connectivity, we are able to cover the entire planet – quite literally. But it’s our thriving ecosystem of technologies, partners and services that allows us to deliver on the promise of anytime, anywhere communications. We’re able to dramatically simplify satellite-based communications, and deliver the flexibility and support customers need to address changing requirements.

Innovation is at the heart of our ecosystem, and we’re continuing to make advancements – from the recent launch of our next-generation satellite technology Intelsat EpicNG to exciting new partnerships with other innovators like Kymeta whose metamaterials antenna technology will bring high-speed connectivity for connected car and maritime applications, and Phasor with low profile, electronically steered antenna technology for aero applications.

We connect all our capabilities and work side-by-side with partners to facilitate a truly seamless hyperconnected experience. But it’s what our customers are doing with this connectivity that demonstrates the real power of our ecosystem. Be sure to follow our blog in the coming weeks to learn how customers across each of our key segments – mobility, media, broadband and government – are revolutionizing their industries with connectivity. They’re redefining what it means to be hyperconnected, and we’re providing them with the communications backbone to achieve it!

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