Optimizing Occasional Use Services via Intelsat’s Strategic Sales Partner Network

Intelsat launched the Strategic Sales Partner (SSP) Program, a framework that recognizes, rewards, and supports the company’s Occasional Use (OU) partnerships. The SSP Program combines the strength of Intelsat’s global satellite fleet and terrestrial network, IntelsatOne®, with the SSP partners’ localized support to provide a more customized and end-to end service for OU customers. The partner network complements Intelsat’s direct OU service for media companies and resellers and is designed to help the SSP partners further expand their business in this arena.

The SSP network is currently comprised of 11 regional partners that have been selected by Intelsat and have an in-depth knowledge of the company’s media products and service capabilities and the IntelsatOne infrastructure. Intelsat’s OU customers are able to select from multiple SSPs in each service region, ensuring a robust pool of service provider alternatives, allowing customized services and on-the-ground support, regardless of location.

Key Benefits of the SSP Network Include:

  • Intelsat’s Global Satellite Fleet— Working through the SSP partner network, OU customers will have access to Intelsat’s global satellite fleet, the option to book end-to-end services and market leading video neighborhoods.
  • ScheduALL Connector™—Enables OU customers to easily and efficiently manage their OU capacity needs. Utilizing the ScheduALL Connector interface, Intelsat’s SSPs and media customers that use ScheduALL to manage their own assets can easily view Intelsat’s available capacity, quickly match it to their needs and reserve it directly from within their own systems.
  • Global Reach with Localized Expertise—Deliver critical regional and on-the ground support; often in the same time zone and language.
  • SSP Support Program—Intelsat provides critical network operations support to all functions of the SSP’s business to enable them to proactively serve customers and accelerate access to Intelsat’s resources. This is achieved through Intelsat’s partner communications portal which provides SSPs with the most up to date information on Intelsat’s satellite solutions. By doing so, SSPs are well versed on Intelsat’s latest technology and are strongly positioned to leverage Intelsat’s assets in the sky and on the ground to provide customers with end-to-end solutions customized to meet their needs.

“Broadcasting major world events today, such as the FIFA World Cup and Olympics, requires global satellite coverage and local capabilities to ensure seamless connectivity and support,” said Kurt Riegelman, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Intelsat. ”In order to best meet the demands of our customers, we have partnered with these industry-leading veterans to help deliver integrated end-to-end solutions and an optimized OU experience. The combination of Intelsat’s premier global infrastructure and the SSPs’ expertise will enable media companies worldwide to broadcast and distribute compelling content to their viewers in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.”

Strategic Sales Partner Network 

  • North America
  • Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania

Occasional Use Services

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