Making the Mobilized, Globalized

intelsat-blog-mobility-instagram-v1When we hear the statistic that 4.1 billion of the world’s citizens are unconnected, we tend to picture remote villages of Alaska or isolated communities in the bush in Africa. And though those places may have little or no broadband Internet access, there is another population of people who become unconnected as they go about their daily lives. These are the people on approximately 85% of commercial flights, workers and travelers crossing the most remote parts of the ocean and cars full of people on long-distance road trips.

The future of connectivity on the move

Staying connected in transit is one of the most difficult challenges today. Currently, when we envision connectivity for untethered people in the air and on the ocean, we often think of the ability to get emails and connect with loved ones back home. And while this is a top priority – helping shipping operators boost morale for workers or airlines compete for passengers – the advances we’ve made in high performance satellite connectivity with the Intelsat Globalized Network are now opening the door to a whole new world of opportunity. New revenue-generating services and operational insights that would have been impossible to achieve just a year ago, are now being enabled by anytime, anywhere connectivity in the farthest reaches of the world, and are having a significant impact on business productivity – and the bottom line.

These capabilities are enabling companies to evolve from being global – doing business internationally and having a global presence – to globalized. Globalized is what happens when we enable truly seamless communications so it’s possible to reach anyone, anywhere in the world. In industries where being “on the move” is the defining characteristic, it means being able to run more intelligent, efficient operations and create more personal, real-time connections with employees, customers and partners – all while on the move.

For our mobility customers, the ability to become more globalized is nothing short of transformational:

  • Maritime: For the people who live and work at sea, being able to maintain personal connections can be incredibly important. But what if someone is injured? High-capacity, stable connectivity gives maritime operators the ability to interact with medical professionals who can help diagnose and treat injuries in a timely manner. It can also provide valuable long-distance training opportunities so workers can continue to learn and advance in their careers wherever they happen to be. With a connected vessel, real-time weather information and shipboard performance data can be transmitted and analyzed on shore, which lowers operational costs.
  • Aerospace: The competition is fierce for delivering in-flight connectivity – and it’s becoming an expected service for travelers. But the aerospace industry is moving fast toward the globalized future, where more powerful connectivity will allow airlines to improve operational efficiencies. Crews can quickly connect to reroute premium passengers if there’s a delay, place orders for food and beverages that are running low, and process credit card transactions for Duty Free purchases, improving the overall passenger experience. Delivering these types of on-demand service experiences is now within reach.
  • Shipping:  A shipping customer that utilizes our Globalized Network has put sensors in all of their onboard containers that hold produce from Latin America. Improved connectivity at sea has allowed them to maintain a constant flow of data between them and their sellers, and they’re using that information to control the ripeness of perishable goods to a precise degree so they can align delivery of products with the demand in the destination country.

With the Intelsat Globalized Network, we are pioneering the future of connectivity for our mobility customers so they can realize the powerful benefits of a truly globalized business. To learn more about how the Globalized Network is supporting mobility efforts, read about our strategic agreement with Marlink to bring affordable high-speed connectivity to maritime customers with our Intelsat EpicNG next generation satellite services.


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