Solve Your Connectivity Puzzle

Profitable Expansion Into New and Emerging Markets is Now Possible

Profitably Extend Your MPLS and Ethernet Networks

Learn about the benefits of integrating HTS into your terrestrial networks.
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Opportunity for revenue growth abounds in new and emerging markets, but service providers face high build-out costs, the need to move faster than competitors and service innovation pressures, which make it difficult to quickly and cost-effectively add new infrastructure for network expansion.

With the launch of new high-throughput satellites (HTS), the game has changed dramatically and a key piece of the connectivity puzzle is in place. HTS systems deliver much greater capacity, efficiency and availability for bandwidth-hungry applications at a significantly lower cost per bit.
MPLS Tip Sheet

Find out how satellite, integrated into your existing terrestrial network, can mean:

  • No costly, slow infrastructure build-out to extend Ethernet or MPLS networks.
  • Quick response to new market opportunities – anywhere in the world.
  • High-speed capacity to cost-effectively support new revenue-generating services.

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