Addressing Growing Broadband Demands at Sea

Broadband connectivity demands are skyrocketing for today’s maritime sector. With shipping routes continually evolving and operational, regulatory and crew requirements steadily increasing, ship operators are under growing pressure to provide reliable service throughout a vessel’s entire journey.

Modern fleets depend on sophisticated maritime applications to maintain communication with onshore offices, deliver real-time information on ship operations and ensure safety in the event of bad weather or system issues. In recent years, connectivity has also become a bigger concern for crew members; as more employees bring connected devices – along with their increasing connectivity expectations – on board, bandwidth demands for ships continue to grow.  

In his recent article in MarineLink, Intelsat’s Mark Rasmussen discusses how high-throughput satellite (HTS) technology is enabling rapid advancements for ships across the high seas. He explores the growing demand for shippers, the sophisticated HTS technology already in play and the possibilities for the future. Read the full article here.