Momentum and Growth Continue for Intelsat EpicNG in 2017

Momentum and Growth Continue for Intelsat EpicNG in 2017

By Lynette Simmons, Director of Marketing, Intelsat

When we launched Intelsat 29e, our first Intelsat EpicNG satellite last March, we began a new era of high-throughput satellite (HTS) service. Within a few months, we had surpassed performance expectations and successfully supported the HTS demands of more than 30 customers. By the fall, we had expanded our global footprint to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia with Intelsat 33e to meet broadband demand for carrier-grade telecom services, enterprise networks, and aeronautical connectivity, as well as certain media services.

That was just six months ago, which is pretty exciting for us, and…dare we say, Epic?! It’s been a remarkable journey, but most importantly, we’ve been focused on ensuring EpicNG services are made available to customers as quickly and seamlessly as possible – so they can easily capitalize on new market opportunities and next-generation technologies.

With the launch of our third EpicNG satellite, Intelsat 32e, in February, and two more planned this year, we’re well on our way to delivering complete global coverage of EpicNG HTS service by 2018. If this is good news for Intelsat, then it’s even better news for our customers, who are already leveraging EpicNG’s increased power and efficiency to provide innovative applications and services for their end users.

With the addition of Intelsat 32e, we’re now the only satellite operator with HTS resiliency over the world’s busiest air routes in the Caribbean and North Atlantic, and we’ve increased our ability to support maritime customers in the region – including some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Because EpicNG is backwards compatible and fully interoperable with our Globalized Network of satellites, terrestrial infrastructure, and managed services, our customers can quickly and cost-effectively transition to higher-performance connectivity. In fact, they’ve shown a 165% improvement in spectral efficiency when transitioning to EpicNG on existing networks and hardware, and as much as 330% on next-generation platform and modem technologies.

If the past year has been any indicator, then we are excited for what the future holds. Today, we’ve moved beyond the promise of EpicNG to its proven success. With growing customer adoption – including new agreements signed with Quantis Global, Romantis, Gogo, Marlink, Global Eagle Entertainment, and TIM Brasil, to name just a few – we’re showcasing the real value and competitive advantage of a truly enterprise-grade, global HTS service for mobility, media, broadband, and government organizations.


Intelsat Insider | Q2 2017


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