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Q1 2017

Intelsat EpicNG HTS Platform Brings Connectivity to Haiti Following Hurricane Destruction

After Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti late last year, the nation was faced with a daunting recovery effort. The category 5 storm killed more than 1,000, destroyed thousands of homes, and left an estimated 1.4 million Haitians in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

In response, Intelsat donated capacity to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts with Intelsat 29e, the first satellite in the Intelsat EpicNG platform. It is the first use of EpicNG for disaster recovery and humanitarian relief, and uses the latest in HTS technology to enable the fast and efficient roll-out of broadband connectivity where it’s needed most.

From tracking critical assets to vital field communications, the Intelsat Globalized Network is uniquely able to provide the near-instant infrastructure and ubiquitous coverage required when terrestrial communications are damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster.

To read more about our work in Haiti, click here.


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