New CCO Priorities: Customer Relationships, Innovation, Empowering Communities

As with anyone, my career path, from the outside looking in, may not appear to follow a straight line. During the course of my journey, I found myself attracted to the satellite industry as I came to see it as a critical nexus of the broader communications world. I saw then and continue to see now…how satellite technology empowers economies and ultimately, improves the lives of people around the world.

That viewpoint is the very same inspiration that continues to drive me today. As I start the next chapter in my career, I wanted to share with you the answer to Why Intelsat? Why Now?

It is fair to say that the satellite and broader communications industries are undergoing unprecedented change. We are at a juncture where business models are quickly shifting and as a result, you, our customers, are demanding more than raw satellite capacity from us. We need to transform and evolve as a business, and I look forward to putting my experience to work at Intelsat.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Steve Spengler and the rest of the management team at Intelsat over the years, most recently during my tenure at OneWeb. We share a similar philosophy and approach to broadband connectivity and content distribution…it must be high performing, simple and easy to access. Given the immense broadband and distribution demands that each of you are facing, satellite needs to be seamlessly integrated with other technologies, constellations and networks in order to solve the next generation’s communications issues.

Intelsat has been and continues to be a pioneer and leader in our field. More importantly, Intelsat respects and understands innovation. It has enabled the Company to successfully build a strong foundation that will enable our technology to support and advance our customers’ changing business models and growth objectives for years to come.

This is an exciting time for the communications sector and Intelsat. As technology evolves, we intend to stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver enhanced value to our customers. Our job is to ensure that our customers thrive in a more connected, digital and cloud-based world. I joined Intelsat because I believe that together, we have an unprecedented ability to make an impact on your business and the lives of the end-users we all serve.

Over the next three months, my focus will be on speaking and meeting with Intelsat’s customers around the world. I want to spend my time listening to your challenges, strategizing on how to capitalize on shared opportunities and importantly, hearing from you things that we are doing well and areas where we can improve. Meanwhile, if you have any immediate feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Working at Intelsat where we play a role in connecting families, empowering communities and informing and entertaining millions is an honor and a challenge. I look forward to our conversations and how, together, we can continue to innovate and revolutionize the communications industry for years to come.

In the interim, Intelsat remains committed to delivering value-added services that are of the highest quality and operational excellence across every facet of your contact within our Company.

We greatly appreciate your support and trust in Intelsat. I look forward to speaking and/or seeing you soon.