IntelsatOne® Prism

Meets the Challenges of Live Remote Events and Programming

IntelsatOne® Prism Meets the Challenges of Live Remote Events and Programming

By Peter Ostapiuk, Director, Media Product Management

Media delivery and consumption has changed drastically in recent years. With viewers now demanding seamless, anytime, any device TV, programmers are scrambling to adjust their delivery approach to meet expectations. For our media customers who cover breaking news, special or sports events in remote or hard to reach places, the challenge to meet these evolving demands is even greater. This group of programmers face a number of unique hurdles, including:

  • Expense: Costs are on the rise to support viewer video consumption on multiple screens, which forces broadcasters and programmers to look for greater efficiencies for remote production and affiliate connectivity.
  • Quality: Ensuring the quality of remote video can be challenging. Lower-end video transmission options often times suffer from degraded quality, unpredictable network availability, and poor reliability.
  • Complexity: Securing uncontested connectivity from remote events often means working with multiple circuit providers for services such as voice communication, internet, data circuits, etc. Managing numerous providers quickly leads to delays and inefficiencies in the field.

In order to meet the demands of increasingly fragmented consumer market, programmers need to reevaluate their traditional contribution and distribution models and deploy more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable ways to deliver content.

With IntelsatOne® Prism services, broadcasters and programmers have the resources they need to confront the challenges of today’s evolving media landscape. Prism delivers a best-in-class, two-way VSAT video, voice, and data solution that simplifies and streamlines remote broadcasting operations, with ubiquitous IP connectivity, guaranteed reliability, and always-on broadcast-grade service. Our customers benefit from dedicated satellite bandwidth and avoid the frustrations of interference or bandwidth sharing that could distort quality.     

In addition to streamlining remote production, Prism Full-Time services deliver enhanced bandwidth and network management to optimize the utilization and performance of full-time, dedicated satellite capacity.  With IntelsatOne Prism, programmers eliminate segmented networks and video workflows to maximize the traffic on their bandwidth while eliminating congestion and reliability issues.  Applications such as linear and non-linear video distribution, video contribution, voice and internet can all be managed from a single platform.

There’s no denying that evolving consumer demands have raised the stakes and put more pressure on media companies to deliver – especially when it comes to remote events. The ability to access reliable broadcast-grade services in a cost-effective and scalable way is paramount.

With the right offerings, however, broadcasters and programmers can access uncontested IP connectivity, anytime, anywhere. IntelsatOne Prism services help our customers conquer the rising costs, unpredictable quality and overwhelming complexity that often come with remote video events. By providing the full spectrum of service – from 24/7 coverage to ad hoc support – Prism is helping broadcasters across the globe address today’s live remote video challenges.


Intelsat Insider | Q2 2017


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