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Q1 2017

A Look Ahead: Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow’s Global Networks

As we enter 2017, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead – and our ability to support evolving customer requirements. Today, our Globalized Network is the only network capable of truly ubiquitous and reliable high-speed connectivity, anywhere in the world. Our customers are transforming their businesses in ways that were impossible just a year ago.

Like most innovators, we remain sharply focused on the future – and that means solving the complex challenges faced by tomorrow’s networking demands.     

By 2020, experts predict 12.2 billion machine-to-machine connections, and video is expected to comprise 82% of all consumer and 66% of all business internet traffic.[i] This growth shows no signs of stopping, and it’s placing enormous pressure on terrestrial and satellite networks.

The networks of the future will not only need the capacity to meet these demands, they will need the flexibility to transmit video, voice and data across all types of network connections and devices. At the same time, there are still large segments of the world’s population that remain unconnected – a huge opportunity for our customers and partners to address with life-changing connectivity and services.

Solving these challenges and closing the connectivity gap means disrupting the status quo. It means driving new levels of innovation and collaboration to develop interoperable “plug and play” hybrid solutions and services. No single provider, solution or technology can do it alone – we need to work together to build networks that deliver higher performance, simplified access and improved economics with increased reliability and resiliency.

Our customers demand it – and future networks will require it.

At Intelsat, we’ve been driving toward this future for some time now – and remain committed to investing in our growing ecosystem of space and ground technologies, partners and services that will carry our customers well into the future. Our Globalized Network is built on an open architecture because it provides the greatest agility and flexibility to incorporate the latest technologies as they become available, and to develop exciting new hybrid solutions. That empowers our customers to seamlessly incorporate these innovations – where and when it matters most to their businesses.

Already, you’ve seen a glimpse into where we’re going.

  • From the successful launch of our first two Intelsat EpicNG High Throughput Satellites (HTS), which have already outperformed expectations
  • To exciting new partnerships, including with Kymeta to bring high-speed connectivity for connected car and maritime applications, and with Phasor to provide low profile, Ku-band antenna technology for aero applications…
  • To new service models, including IntelsatOne® Flex and IntelsatOne Prism, which give customers simplified and cost-effective access to our networks so they can develop differentiated services and solutions…
  • To the recent launch of our new Network Operations Center, delivering next-generation, worldwide customer service and support for years to come…

 These are just a few of the ways we’re evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow’s networks. The innovation and investments we’re making today provide a clear path forward – and give our customers the unparalleled reach, performance and flexibility they need to thrive and grow their businesses over the long term.  

Stephen Spengler
Chief Executive Officer

[i]Cisco Visual Networking Index™ (VNI), Cisco, June 7, 2016


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