2016:  Springboard to Greater Opportunities

Kurt Riegelman
Kurt Riegelman

Executive message from Kurt Riegelman
Events in the first half of 2016 have showcased the dramatic changes happening in the satellite sector. From next generation satellites to new antenna and ground hardware solutions, innovation in our sector promises to bring significant changes and opportunities in the coming years—perhaps more than we’ve seen in several decades. At Intelsat, we are undergoing our own transformation and, over the past few months, we have begun to see the work and investments of the past few years come to life:

  • Intelsat EpicNG Enters Service: In January, we successfully launched Intelsat 29e, our first Intelsat EpicNG satellite – serving the Americas and North Atlantic Ocean region.  Intelsat 29e has entered service.  In this issue, we discuss the impact we expect Intelsat EpicNG to have on the broadband, maritime, aero and IoT sectors.
  • Implementation and Expansion of IntelsatOne Flex: Managing a global network comprised of different technologies is complex to say the least.  In 2016, we will begin to implement IntelsatOne Flex to help service providers seamlessly integrate advanced satellite technology into their networks, while also helping maximize performance and improve the economics.
  • Investment in Antenna Technology Shows the Promise of the Future: In early 2016, Intelsat and Kymeta demonstrated the critical role that satellite, combined with Kymeta’s innovative mTenna technology, can play in the fast-growing connected car arena.
  • More Advancements in Antenna and Ground Technology are Needed: While innovation in space has made tremendous strides, Thierry Guillemin makes an argument for why much more needs to happen in ground and antenna technology to fully maximize the performance of new satellite technology coming to market.
  • Being Global versus Globalized: In March, Intelsat announced its first GEO/LEO customer contract.  In this issue, we discuss the critical importance of having a seamless, interoperable network that harnesses the benefits of different technologies, spectrum and orbits.  Having that level of interoperability makes a company ‘globalized’ and enable to really scale to meet their customers’ burgeoning broadband demands.
  • NAB 2016: The media landscape is shifting, business models are changing and disruption is occurring.  As in the past, satellite has a critical role to play and we look forward to discussing this and more with our media customers over the course of the year.
  • WRC-2015-The Aftermath: Satellite connectivity is essential to the communities and businesses we serve around the world.  While the importance of this was recognized, what does this mean for spectrum sharing in the future?  Gonzalo de Dios discusses this at length.

Change can be unsettling and at the same time, exciting.  The energy and level of innovation happening right now are invigorating.  At Intelsat, we are striving to help our customers manage the changes and importantly, innovating to bring new solutions to enable you to seize the opportunities.

Best regards,

Kurt Riegelman
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

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