Transforming Live Events With IntelsatOne Prism

Transforming Live Events With IntelsatOne Prism®

When we launched IntelsatOne Prism® last year, we introduced an entirely new paradigm for media networking and content distribution. We now offer customers access to guaranteed high-throughput, two-way IP connectivity for the transmission of multiple video, voice and data files over a single satellite link. We also provide the ability to seamlessly upgrade legacy networks for the delivery of next-generation digital media applications.

Since the launch, Prism has been deployed in a number of real-world situations that showcase the powerful ways in which it is transforming the delivery of live events – and the opportunity for our media customers. Our strategic sales partner, PSSI Global Services, put our IntelsatOne Prism Occasional Use (OU) service to work for the following high-profile events:

Amgen Tour of California

Shortly after the service launched, PSSI used IntelsatOne Prism to guarantee connectivity for the Amgen Tour of California, an eight-day Tour de France-style bike race. The highly varied terrain, inclement weather and the movement of an entire television broadcasting compound over a hundred miles daily presented numerous operational and logistical challenges. With Prism, PSSI was able to successfully broadcast multiple television and internet feeds from a single managed platform, and ensure all mission-critical communications, including transmission access, network coordination, race data collection and webcast initiation. For more details, please read our full case study.

Skydiver Luke Aikins

This July, PSSI moved Prism into the world of extreme sports to cover skydiver Luke Aikins. Aired live on television via a major television network, Aikins jumped 25,000 feet above the California desert without a parachute or wingsuit into a net – and successfully made the jump. Broadcasting this event was no easy task either, given the lack of infrastructure and spotty cell coverage in the desert. The media network provided their own video contribution, but also needed internet access and phone service. With Prism, PSSI was able to provide multiple VoIP lines and internet connectivity to the personnel on site. And because the Prism OU service provides dedicated and guaranteed megabits, the television network didn’t have to worry about whether cell phones would work or be concerned about congestion and reliability. The service they booked is what they received – ensuring connectivity in a remote, unpredictable location.

Professional Golf

This past August, PSSI used Prism to provide video, phone connectivity and high-throughput internet services to broadcast the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open and the stars of the LPGA Tour in Calgary. Golf is one of the most challenging sporting events to cover with communications and video because of the vast size of golf courses and variable terrain. Prism was able to provide uncontested, dedicated bandwidth to ensure the high quality of service required to support this event.

With several successful IntelsatOne Prism engagements in North America completed, we’re expanding to support new OU customers and full-time broadcast requirements in regions across Europe, Latin America and Africa. We also plan to deliver a number of enhanced services for the platform throughout the next year. It’s an exciting time for us, so stay tuned to learn of new developments!

Connecting the Unconnected in Africa

Issue 2 | October 2016