Gateways for Global Transmission Services

Access to Intelsat’s global fleet is provided by a collection of teleports designed to support customer applications ranging from video content distribution to fixed and mobile broadband. Strategically located in the United States and Europe, Intelsat’s teleports provide reliable and efficient access to new service regions critical to achieving business success. Over the years, the highest profile media and enterprise companies in the world have trusted Intelsat’s winning combination of satellite and ground infrastructure to deliver their entertainment and information securely and seamlessly.

Intelsat’s teleports host shared and private platforms that enable our customers to enter new markets and regions quickly and cost effectively. From experienced staff operating and monitoring the teleports 24/7, to state-of-the-art networking and video technology, our teleports are designed to provide the infrastructure that supports the business goals of network, media and government customers.

The Fuchsstadt, Atlanta, Mountainside, Riverside and Napa teleports are primary nodes on the IntelsatOne network. IntelsatOne is a global, terrestrial architecture, consisting of an IP/MPLS-based network, fiber, teleports and points of presence. It is fully integrated with Intelsat’s industry-leading global satellite fleet, providing a single source for converged voice, video and data solutions. The IntelsatOne teleports feature enhanced levels of control, visibility and security which are only available from Intelsat.


The Media Center for the Americas

Castle Rock

Offering Disaster Recovery for Broadcasters at the Center of the Cable Arc


Delivering Customized Network and Media Services


The Preeminent International Gateway


Mid-Atlantic Hub for Global Communications


Gateway to Asia for International Programming


The Jewel of the Pacific, Colocation Hotspot


Bridging the Atlantic to the Pacific