An Uncompromising Portfolio of Offerings

Intelsat delivers more video, data and voice content worldwide than any other satellite operator. Utilizing the world’s most extensive fixed satellite, teleport and fiber infrastructure network, Intelsat’s integrated platform provides the flexibility, support and resilience needed for local, regional and global communications. From the globalization of content and the proliferation of HD, to the expansion of cellular networks and mobile broadband access, Intelsat creates value for its customers through creative space-based solutions. Envision…Connect…Transform…with Intelsat.


Intelsat’s fleet of over 50 satellites provides communications services to 99 percent of the world’s populated regions. Learn more >>

Intelsat EpicNG

An overlay to Intelsat’s traditional fleet, our high performance, next generation satellite platform delivers global high-throughput technology without sacrificing user control of service elements and hardware. Learn more >>

IntelsatOne Terrestrial Network

Complementary to Intelsat’s satellite fleet, is the IntelsatOne IP/MPLS network – Intelsat’s solution to cover your teleport and global terrestrial communications needs. With our comprehensive, yet customer-centric approach, we are setting the standard in the satellite communication industry for transmission of voice, video, and data. See the table below for two paths to our integrated approach.

Ground Network Infrastructure
IntelsatOne – Unmatched in the industry for providing worldwide ground infrastructure networks. Learn more >>


  • Over 36,000 miles of fiber with path diversity
  • Multi-homing Tier 1 IP Nodes
  • Data and IP services
  • Points of Presence (PoPs) in strategic traffic exchange points
  • One global terrestrial architecture, fully integrated with the
    world’s largest satellite fleet
IntelsatOne – State of the art teleports around the world for global connectivity even in the most remote areas. Learn more >>


  • Worldwide ground infrastructure of teleports
  • Continuous monitoring and 24/7 support of teleports
  • Over 30 years of satellite engineering experience
  • Enhanced levels of control, visibility and security which are only available from Intelsat