Proper training is critical for reducing RFI incidents

1000+ Intelsat Customers Have Received Training

Proper training is critical for reducing RF interference (RFI) incidents. A majority of RFI incidents are attributed to faulty installation practices, uplink errors and poor operational and equipment maintenance regimes. Intelsat is endorsing training and certification programs with the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) for VSAT installation and with SlingPath for SNG operations. These courses will educate VSAT technicians on proper equipment installation and operational parameters, and SNG operators on the correct way to operate their uplinks.

Reduced Tuition for Intelsat Customers

As part of the Intelsat Management Initiative (I3), Intelsat customers and their customers or affiliates have an opportunity to receive 20% off of GVF online training courses.

The Intelsat discount may be used for reduced tuition for the following GVF online courses:

  • GVF510 Core Skills
  • GVF520 Satcom Fundamentals
  • GVF521 Practical Technique for VSAT Professionals
  • GVF520/521 course bundle
  • GVF503i iDirect Installation and Maintenance
  • GVF503H Hughes HN/HX Terminal Installation
  • GVF503G Gilat SkyEdge II VSAT Installation and Maintenance
  • GVF561 Fundamentals for Marine VSAT Operators
  • GVF562E Operating the Sea Tel Model ’09 Series Marine VSAT
  • GVF503E Sea Tel Marine VSAT Installation and Maintenance
    This course requires Sea Tel approval of the application at

Already an Online Graduate? Become Certified

Intelsat is also encouraging customers who have completed the online coursework to become certified. Throughout the year, Intelsat will host on-site certification opportunities at Intelsat customer events and regional seminars to be held in Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Contact us to register.

What people are saying about training

“Since completing the coursework, we have installed a chat application within our company to guide field technicians to properly point a VSAT terminal. To date, we have successfully migrated 16,000 terminals using this application.”
—Hugo Trejo, USA Operations Director with Pegaso Banda Ancha

“Now that we have enhanced knowledge of interference, it is helping us to adapt our hub RFI operational policies which will reduce the man hours lost in troubleshooting.”
—Okechi Osuagwu, of the DCC Satellite and Networks division of the Computer Warehouse Group out of Africa.

“This is a great initiative in helping young operators to grow professionally within the telecommunications arena. I learned some concepts I was not aware of until completing the online coursework… making me be more effective when I troubleshoot RFI instances.”
—Rodrigo Chagas, of Telespazio Brasil

“This course taught me the appropriate way to install antennas from start to finish.”
—Roberto Holguin, Remote Technical Support Executive with GlobalSat