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Connect to the World’s Largest, High Speed IP Network in the Sky with IntelsatOne® Flex for Enterprise

Simple ‘click of a mouse’ will deliver instant access to Intelsat’s Globalized Network Seamless integration with terrestrial networks provides ultra-high availability, redundancy and security IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise delivers economies of scale and operational efficiencies and eliminat...

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Introducing the Intelsat Globalized Network!

After much anticipation and discussion of the aspiration for ubiquitous, worldwide connectivity, we are excited to introduce the Intelsat Globalized Network – the first and only network of its kind that lets anyone connect with anyone else, anywhere on the planet. With the Intelsat Globalized Netw...

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The Globalized Network Brochure

Envision the impossible. Connect without boundaries. Transform how we live. The Intelsat Globalized Network is the first and only network of its kind, letting anyone connect with anyone else, anywhere on the planet. The Intelsat Globalized Network combines the world’s largest satellite backbone wi...

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Perspective: Localization Requires Globalization

The digital age has made it easier than ever to reach new audiences worldwide, yet there are still enormous barriers that stand in the way of creating more personalized relationships with customers, regardless of location. New media formats and flexible programming strategies, along with innovative ...

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Putting Intelsat EpicNG to Work at Sea and in the Air

By Karen Schmidt, Vice President, Marketing Just a week ago, we launched our first Intelsat EpicNG satellite, Intelsat 29e (IS-29e). At Intelsat, we believe in enabling access to content and connectivity anywhere in the world; that’s why we’re committed to launching new satellites and developing...

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