High Performance. Open Architecture.

Intelsat EpicNG® combines numerous powerful, customer-centric benefits into a single high-performance platform for our customers:

  • High performance and lower cost per-bit to customers
  • Wide beams and spot beams in the same band for broadcast and high-throughput
  • C-, Ku- and Ka-band frequencies aligned to region and application-specific requirements
  • Open architecture
    • Backward compatibility; use of existing network infrastructure and customer-preferred network topology for lower total cost
    • Forward compatible as ground technology advances
  • High throughput, efficiency and reliability enables smaller, mobility-friendly terminals supporting new applications such as mobility and aero, and benefitting data-centric services like cellular backhaul

Combining Intelsat’s premium spectral rights with the technical advantages of high throughput technology, Intelsat EpicNG offers real freedom of choice. Customers will be able to use existing hardware and network topologies, as well as define their own service characteristics, enabling them to offer customized solutions to their end-users and build upon their current business success.

When you have it all, that’s Epic!