Video Distribution

For cable and broadcast distribution, success is about reaching as many viewers in as many places as possible. Whether you seek a broader regional audience or the creation of a global media distribution network, Intelsat’s strategically located video neighborhoods connect your content with the world’s prime pay-TV systems, with immediate access to the maximum global audience.

From sports and entertainment to news and education, our exclusive video neighborhoods place your channels on the satellites that are most in demand among top international programmers worldwide. Add industry-leading technical and customer support, and it’s easy to see why the world’s most successful programmers trust Intelsat’s media solutions to reach their target audiences close to home or across the globe.

Our video neighborhoods consist of satellites that have been optimized to meet the coverage and power requirements of media customers.

  • Access to more than 99% of U.S. cable systems in all 50 states
  • Leading C-band video distribution neighborhoods in Latin America and across Europe-Asia
  • Connectivity allowing transport of content from virtually any point on earth to any of our video neighborhood satellites
  • More than 600 HD channels carried globally
  • MCPC platforms enabling customers to start with a few channels and grow as needed

Intelsat cable and broadcast video neighborhoods are available in the following regions: