Interference Management

Improving Quality of Service Across the Industry

End users continue to state that radio frequency interference (RFI) is the single most important service issue relative to their use of satellite services. RFI disrupts television signals, data transmissions and other customer services, hindering business growth.

To foster an interference-free space environment, Intelsat led the Intelsat Interference Management Initiative (I3). As part of the I3 industry-wide activities, Intelsat worked with satellite operators, industry groups, customers and equipment manufacturers to make RFI reduction a top priority.

Industry initiatives include:

Industry-Wide Cooperation is Needed

Intelsat is committed to protecting the FSS spectrum. Satellite operators, manufacturers, organizations and end users must prioritize RFI mitigation within their respective technical operations. Intelsat urges everyone to train their operations and installation staff and when outsourcing, use certified VSAT installers and SNG uplinkers.