Protecting C-band Spectrum

Protecting C-band Spectrum

At the World Radio Communications Conference 2015 (WRC-15), the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) industry lobbied for additional spectrum in the C-band frequency band (3.4 – 4.2 GHz receive/downlink and 5.8-6.7 GHz transmit/uplink) for IMT services. Decisions resulting from the conference include:

  • WRC-15 recognized that it is difficult for IMT networks to share C-band frequencies, and did not agree on a global allocation of C-band frequencies for IMT services.
  • ITU regions 1 and 2 may allow IMT to deploy services in the extended and super-extended range of C-band (3400 – 3700 MHz)
  • There are a number of other frequency decisions/discussions that will be on-going and carry into WRC 2019

While ITU regions 1 and 2 may allow IMT networks to deploy services in C-band frequencies in the extended and super-extended range of C-band (3400 – 3700 MHz), is important to note that there will be no immediate impact to services for customers that have active services in this spectrum Should a country or region decide to deploy services for IMT in your service area, governing entities must decide on a licensing methodology, hold auctions, award frequencies and terrestrial networks need to be built.

There are many vital services provided via satellite services in C-band, and the satellite industry continues working on many fronts to safeguard C-band. As always, we need to continue to educate regulators about the strategic and economic value of the services we all deliver each and every day.  We encourage all of our customers to join us in continuing to voice our desire to continue to utilize C-band spectrum.

Additional Resources

Please find below a number of documents to support you in raising this issue with your regulator:

We very much appreciate your support and stand ready to provide any additional information or background you might require.

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