Encouraging Equipment Manufacturers to Incorporate Carrier ID into their Hardware

Intelsat has endorsed a recommendation from WBU-ISOG and supports the ongoing Satellite Users Interference Group (SUIRG) initiative for inclusion of a Carrier ID in carriers with MPEG transport streams. Similarly, the Satellite Community is looking at developing a universally agreed-upon approach for Carrier ID insertion, for all carrier types, to address the interference problem.

In order for Carrier ID transmissions to be a successful tool in the battle against RFI, equipment vendors and manufacturers need to deliver:

  • Customer name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Geo coordinates (latitude, longitude)
  • Modem manufacturer name
  • modem serial number

This will quickly identify the interference source. The goal is that, at any given monitoring location, a single system can extract the Carrier ID for any and all carrier types where Carrier ID insertion has been provided. This will allow satellite operators to communicate directly with the RFI source to resolve the incident.