Robert Callahan

Mr. Callahan became a director of Intelsat Global Holdings S.A. in April 2014. He is the chairman of Longueview, a media, internet and technology advisory firm. Mr. Callahan previously served as a special advisory with General Atlantic, Inc., leading global growth equity firm with $17 billion in assets under management, where he helped discover and build value for unique, high growth companies, such as the Alibaba Group, Zagat and Network Solutions, where he served as chairman. He previously held the position of chairman and chief executive officer of Ziff Davis Media, where he led the digital transformation of the company. Mr. Callahan spent 20 years at the Walt Disney Company/ABC/Capital Cities, where he held numerous positions, including president of ABC, Inc., the company’s $6 billion TV and Radio division. Mr. Callahan holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas.