50th Anniversary

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we’d like to offer a toast!

Here’s to the group of nations whose scientists, engineers, and pathfinders created Intelsat in 1964. Fifty years ago, they believed that connecting people from space wasn’t such an audacious idea — then they proved it by launching a global satellite system. They made possible the first transatlantic phone calls and the broadcast that allowed 500 million people to see Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

And, here’s to our customers — innovative organizations with whom we envision the impossible, and jointly make it happen. Together, using our technology to connect in new ways, we will transform the quality of life throughout
the world.

We salute the future of human connectedness and shared experiences via satellite — the only communications technology that has unlimited reach.

Join us as we raise our glasses to the next generation of bold thinkers and brilliant tinkerers — for they push us to higher ideals and will help realize our Epic vision for Intelsat’s next 50 years.

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